Request to create a new course (for faculty use only, click on this link)

Please use the following standard course naming conventions:

Course full name: AIS Code AIS Description 
     Example 1:  8-403 Advanced Ethics
     Example 2:  8-112 8-113 8-114 Advanced Ethics (for multi-section course)

Course short name: AIS Code AIS Subject (Year)
     Example 1: 8-403 PH 140 (2022)
     Example 2: 8-112 8-113 8-114 PH 140 (2022) (for multi-section course)
You may add some other short detail to make it unique and easy to search.


You can also request to have a "clean" copy of an existing course--excluding former students' data. All course materials including Question Bank will remain intact. Please email or and include the following details:
  • full course name of current course
  • short course name of current course
  • AIS code for the NEW course
  • Department to which the new course belongs to